Term deposit «Sayohi» designed exclusively for travellers (residents and non-residents), this product offers complete flexibility to meet all your banking needs. The main advantage of this deposit is that you can deposit cash at any of our branches or transfer funds to your account from anywhere in the world. Also, you earn not only interest on your deposit, but you have a chance to win tour packages.

Additionally, you can hold your funds in the currency of your choice: Tajik Somoni, US Dollars, Euros, or Russian Rubles. Minimum account maintenance requirements: Somoni: 5,000; US$: 500; Euros: 500; Rubles: 30,000.



 In national currency 

 In foreign currency

 From 361 to 720 days  





Interest is calculated daily (360 days in a year) and paid monthly in accordance with the account terms and conditions and is subject to withholding tax (currently 12%) in accordance with the Tax Code of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Documents required:

  • Valid passport
  • TIN
  • Account opening form
  • Bank card application form (if you do not have a card).

By opening an account with us, you will enjoy personalized care in the language of your choice and competitive rates for all your banking needs.

We invite you to visit us during your next trip to Tajikistan.