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Visa Classic

Visa Classic card is the most recognized payment tool, providing optimal balance of cost and range of services. It combines high reliability and very easy to use, plus those cards are well suited for all types of purchases and cash withdrawals. Classic cards are accepted in all points of sales where Visa systems presence, by now number of points of sales are counted more than 20 millions around the world. Also you can do shoppping easily on internet web sites. 

Low cost for the issuance and servicing of classic cards provides their owners a wide range of additional services. The account is opened in Somoni, EURO or USD.


Visa Classic



Bank rate for the issue and service of card:



1st  year



2nd year



3rd year



Additional fee for urgent issue



Re-issue card upon lost or damage



An insurance deposit



* Note: plus bank rate for the issue and service cards.

List of required documents:

  • Proof of identity (passport).
  • Tax payer ID.