You want to start a business but do not know where to get the seed money?

Answer is one - at ORIENBANK!

Orienbank pleased to offer businesses and individuals commercial loans for the following purposes:

• Opening of Mini - workshops and factories.

• The development of an existing business.

• Business purposes.


Amount of loan up to 100 000 somoni (depending on the branch).

Period of loan 1 year.

Interest rate:

- In local currency of 26%.

- In foreign currency 24%.
Provision can be:

- Pledge (property).

- Bank guarantee.

- Guarantee.

- Jewellery.

- The presence of a deposit account.

List of required documents:

  • Application for credit.
  • Customer application.
  • Original identity document (Passport).
  • Documents on the legal status, depending on the legal form (Private enterprise, LLC, JSC).
  • Tax prayer number.
  • Documents confirming your income.
  • Documents confirming ownership, as collateral.