Consumer loans

Consumer loan - a loan, provided directly to citizens for purchase of consumer goods such as:

Home appliances and electronics

It makes no sense to save money for long time to purchase a washing machine, a refrigerator or television, if all those are available now.


Modern sofa, kitchen or bedroom set perfectly match the interior of your apartment.


Breathe new life into the apartment or cottage, and get the remaining amount for housing - it's all possible with the help of loan.

Wedding or other celebrations

The most significant events in your life deserve to be prepared perfectly, including in material terms.


Period of loan 1 year.

Amount of loan:

- secured by a pledge of property loan interest rate is - 26% per annum in Somoni, and 24% in foreign currency

- by surety (guarantor) for customers who receive credit for the first time, the bank offers a loan up to 5 000 Somoni, and for customers who received a loan more than 1 times - offering amount will be 10 000 Somoni. The interest rate of these loans is set at 30% -36% per annum.

- customers who have good credit history, the bank offers loans up to 18 months. Also, for those customers who have executed contract of collateral by the notary for a period up to 3 years, during the term of the collateral contract loan may be issued up to 2-3 times.

- in order to promote economic development, reduce poverty and support of the population of towns and villages, especially women entrepreneurs, to run activities in the agriculture industry, the Bank offers a loans up to 120 000 Somoni for 1 year, the security of property is not a primary residence of the borrower, with interest rates ranging from 22% up to 24% per annum.

List of required documents:

- Application for credit.

- Customer application.

- Original identity document (Passport).

- Tax payer number.

- Documents proving your income.

- Documents confirming ownership, as collateral.