Term deposit

This type of deposit is designed for customers who are interested in receiving interest income on deposits. Interest is calculated monthly, not capitalized (not added to the deposit amount) and can be obtained on any day after award.


  • The deposit is accepted by the bank both in national and foreign currencies.
  • The deposit is accepted in cash and non cash forms.
  • The minimum amount of the initial contribution:
     - In national currency: 200 minimum size of wage.
     - In foreign currency: 500 USD. 
  • Additional contribution is not allowed.
  • Interest rate is fixed.
  • The interest rates is (% annual):


In national currency

In foreign currency

from 91 to 180 days

up to 4%

up to 1%

from 181 to 270 days

up to 5%

up to 2%

from 271 to 360 days

up to 6%

up to 3%

from 361 to 720 days

up to 7%

up to 4%

from 721 to 1080 days

up to 8%

up to 5%

from 1081 to 1800 days

up to 9%

up to 6%

List of required documents:

  • Client Application.
  • A copy of the passport of director and chief accountant.
  • Tax ID.
  • Certificate of state registration.