payment cards
Salary project

Salary card of Orienbank is not only handy tender for ready money and financial instrument, but it is also the key for modern bank services.

Services provided to clients of Orienbank to pay salaries to employees of enterprises and organizations with the use of plastic cards:

  • Payment and payroll of the salary by plastic cards of “Visa-Classic” and “Visa-Gold”.
  • Opportunity of ATM and Pos-terminals installment directly on the territory of your organization.

Salary project will help your organization: 

  • essentially to reduce the volume of cash operations and by that it can to lighten the work of the cash.
  • to refuse from deposition procedure, unclaimed by your collaborators.
  • to decrease the risks and to cut down the overhead expenses related with encash keeping and transportation aimed to payment for collaborators.
  • to simplify the salary payment procedure for collaborators by keeping of confidentiality and payment differentiation.

Salary project will help your collaborators: 

  • To place the salary in reliable bank.
  • To take essential sum of encashes by ATM-machines, independently of the cashier’s work time and accounts department of your organization.
  • To pay by card in trade and service organizations.
  • To insure your money from loss and stealing, because the user can lock lost or stolen card by telephone, after which its completely illegal using card.

* Note: plus bank rate for the issue and service cards.