payment cards

Acquiring is the service of the bank, which helps for trade and service enterprises to serve holders of payment cards of international payment systems like Visa International, MasterCard International.

Who are holders of payment cards of Orienbank? 

  • Holders of cards are people with stable income, collaborators of important enterprises, which can increase meaningfully turnover of your enterprise.

 Why is it profitable to serve holders of payment cards? 

  • You can in addition attract wealthy users to increase your sales, for which card payment is prestigious. There are not only clients of the bank among users, but also users of Visa, MasterCard cards of other banks of Tajikistan and the entire world;
  • You can increase amount of sale of goods and services as client spends more than payment in cash, physically not feeling money in hands;
  • You can low your risks concerned with swindle from customers or accidental mistakes of the staff. In addition there will be decreased expenses to cashing and storage of money of your company and also there will be increased safety of trade outlets;

How can you attract new clients? 

  • New customs can find out that your company serves payment card holders by showing logotypes of payment systems and the bank which will be stationed in trade and service enterprises.
  • Information about your company will be entered into booklet of “service outlets of payment cards” for clients of the bank;
  • Information about your company will be published in the website of the bank (
  • The name of your company will be automatically included into international network of enterprises servicing payment cards holders.
  • Your enterprise will have a chance to take part in advertising campaigns of the bank directed to increase of sales volume by payment cards.

What do you need for participation in acquiring network of Orienbank? 

  • The wish of increase of sales;
  • Telephone communication;
  • Preferably, the presence of our banking account in our bank;

How much does the participation in acquiring network cost? 

The bank levies commission from every trade deal with customer paid the good/service by payment card; If you count up how many additional clients you will attract and how much you will save on advertising of your company, you will make sure in gain of our offer. 
How to hand in an application for participation in acquiring network of Orienbank? 

Call to the Plastic Card department by the telephone number of (+992 37)2211228 and leave your questions to operator. 
During three days managers of the bank will contact with you for detail discussion of the presented question.