Accumulative +

“Jamshavanda +” savings deposits are deposits with the possibility of increasing the initial amount. This is very convenient if you are saving up for a large purchase that you cannot afford to make from monthly earnings.


The deposit is accepted in both national and foreign currencies.
The deposit is accepted both in cash and non-cash.
The minimum contribution amount is 300 TJS in national currency, 100 USD, 100 Euro, or 5,000 Russian rubles in foreign currency.
the minimum amount of the additional contribution must be at least 20% of the initial contribution.
the interest rate is fixed (i.e., not subject to change during the deposit storage period specified in the contract).
additional fees are allowed
The interest rate on the deposit is (% per annum):


In national currency

In foreign currency

from 181 to 360 days



from 361 to 720 days



Interest is calculated monthly, capitalized (i.e., added to the amount of the deposit) and can be received at the end of the deposit storage period.

List of required documents:

Identity card (Passport).